40 Days Till Christmas

  • I am going to be starting a Christmas countdown don’t forget to keep up with my blog for more and reblog this if your excited for Christmas 456264E6-E62E-43DD-B046-5E41050A72B8

.50-1.50$ edits

I started making edits about 2 months ago if you’d like and edit comment or you can contact me @matthewcampo.s on Instagram or email me camposmatthew128@gmail.com I’ve only come out with one edit style so far

new kid vlogger [105 subs in 2 months]

hello everyone I am back on my account and I usually post Christmas [seasonal stuff] on this blog. which I will when it gets closer to Christmas, anyways i’m here to talk about one of my new interests which is my YouTube. on my YouTube you can find lots of vlogs  I enjoy making these vlogs very much and have gained 105 subs in 2 months [nothing much but I am only 12] my vlogs that I put out every 2-3 days don’t get much views with the most having 115 views but I have developed a passion for making them. My YouTube channel is : mewshee

I would appreciate if you checked out my videos and maybe subbed :]   [btw I will weekly blog on this] – Thank you